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Business Online Banking FAQs

What are system & browser requirements for Business Online Banking?

Certified operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 8 or newer
Mac OS 10.11 or newer

Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels (recommended)

Adobe Flash Player: Version 9 or higher (recommended for clients who do not use one-time pin security tokens)

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Version 9 or higher

Certified browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*
Microsoft Edge (Current Version)
Microsoft Firefox (Current Version)
Apple Safari 10.0 or newer

* May require to run in “compatibility mode”

Cookies are required for clients who do not use one-time pin security tokens.

Session = Enabled
Permanent = Enabled


Mobile devices:
Mobile applications: Please review here

How do you set up Quicken® & QuickBooks® for Business?

When you purchase a Quicken or QuickBooks product, the ability to use online services (like downloading your transactions and balances, online Bill Pay, and live support) are available for the current software version and the two (2) prior years’ versions.

Quicken or QuickBooks users have two options to retrieve Mechanics Bank account data:

1. Export transactions from your Online Banking session in the file formats below, and import into your Quicken or Quickbooks program:

Excel (.csv)
Quicken (.qfx)
QuickBooks (.qbo)

2. Connect to your Mechanics Bank account(s) from within your Quicken or QuickBooks program using Quicken’s Direct Connect

Express Web Connect (also known as Quicken Connect for Mac users)
Direct Connect
Web Connect

Learn more about these connection options at Quicken Support

Within Quicken or QuickBooks, desktop users should look for Mechanics Bank Business Direct and online users should look for The Mechanics Bank (CA) – Business Banking. Use your Business Online Banking user code and password to connect.

Quicken and QuickBooks are trademarks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.


What are the Business Online Banking and Commercial Center Wire Cut-Off Times?

Cutoff times vary by type of wire. Refer to the information below: 

Online Domestic Wires: 3:30 PM PST
Online International Wires (USD): 3:30 PM PST
Online International Wires (FX): 1:30 PM PST

Can I initiate stop payments through Business Online Banking?

Yes, Business Online Banking allows clients to issue a single stop payment with a discounted fee. Please refer to Schedule of Fees for Small Business Treasury Products or Commercial Treasury Products.

Will Business Online Banking allow a check range stop?

No, Business Online Banking only allows a single stop payment. If you need to conduct a stop payment on a range of checks, please contact us at 800.797.6324.


What type of account & check reconciliation does Mechanics Bank offer for Business Online customers?

Cash Management Balance Reporting:

Mechanics Bank offers cash management balance reporting, using the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) file format.  BAI files contain your account transaction activity that is translated into standard BAI codes.  BAI reports containing all balance and transaction data from the previous day are securely transmitted to you.  Standard BAI codes enable you to update your accounting systems automatically with data from multiple banks, making the process simple and quick.

Key features:

  • Provides uniform transaction reporting
  • Saves time and money by automating your account reconciliation process

Business Online Banking Services:

Business Online Banking provides detailed reporting of your account information enabling you to reduce the time you spend reconciling your account.

Key features:

  • View real time and historical balance & transaction information when you need it 24/7
  • View current and historical account statements
  • View images of your paid checks and deposited items
  • Export account activity to financial software or spreadsheets to help automate your account reconciliation
  • Process external fund transfers with increased online security controls

For more information about these Cash Management services, please contact us at 800.272.1876


Are Positive Pay services available with Business Online Banking and Commercial Center?

Yes. Business Online Banking and Commercial Center provide Single Sign On (SSO) access to the Positive Pay/Account Reconciliation system.

How do I access SecureAlerts?

You can access SecureAlerts from the alert inbox located above your account(s) view on the home page of Business Online Banking, or by clicking the ‘Alerts’ link located on the top right of any page.


What type of alerts are available?

There are many transaction monitoring alerts to choose from and you can add or remove them when it is convenient for you. The options will depend on what products you have tied to your Business Online account. All options available to you will be found under the ‘Alert Options’ tab on the Alerts page, separated by category.


What delivery options are available for receiving alerts?

Delivery options include: text, email, and Secure Inbox. If you select the ‘Secure Inbox’ delivery option, you will be able to view alerts from the Business Online Banking home page. You will also have the ability to set a ‘Do not disturb’ feature to alert subscriptions. Any alerts received during this time will be held and then released to you after the end time has expired.


Can I enroll multiple phone numbers or email addresses to receive alerts?

Yes. There are no limits to the number of email addresses or phone numbers you can enroll to receive alerts. For additional questions about SecureAlerts, please contact your Relationship Manager.

What are the system requirements for Business Bill Pay?

Certified operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 8 or newer
Mac OS 10.11 or newer

Adobe Flash Player: Version 9 or higher

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Version 9 or higher

Certified browsers (must support SSL 2.0):
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*
Microsoft Edge (Current Version)
Mozilla Firefox (Current Version)
Apple Safari 10.0 or higher

* May require to run in “compatibility mode”

Pop-up windows: Enabled

It is strongly recommended that you enable the use of pop-ups while using Business Bill Pay. While pop-up windows on other websites are often used to display advertisements, and could contain malware, the pop-up functionality within your Business Bill Pay session will feature important information.

Cookies: Enabled

JavaScript: Enabled

Mobile devices:

Mobile applications: Limited Business Bill Pay features are available in the mobile app including the ability to make a payment to an existing payee and the ability to view bill payment history.