Investment Management

Personalized, Flexible, Experienced

When it comes to investment management, you have the opportunity to capitalize on a rare combination in today’s marketplace: the personalized, flexible responsiveness of a local, independent boutique-style investment firm with the seasoned, disciplined resourcefulness of a sophisticated financial enterprise.

Building relationships, not just portfolios

Our process begins with understanding you – your life goals, your financial and investment goals, your risk tolerance, your timeline and your current financial condition.

Your investment program evolves as your needs and circumstances evolve. Your program benefits from a diverse array of asset classes and investment categories.

In it for the long haul

We’ll help you identify stable and strong long-term investment performance opportunities that incorporate taxation, fiduciary principles, liquidity needs, and broader wealth planning. We’ll continuously monitor your portfolio against changing market conditions and evaluate opportunities to adjust your position to your changing circumstances. We’ll help you match the right investments to your acceptable levels of risk, and help you meet near-term objectives while taking advantage of long-term opportunities.

From capital growth to income generation, your investment management team employs a multi-disciplinary approach to provide comprehensive, personalized financial management for you, your family, your business or your charitable organization. It’s all about creating a strategy that’s right for you.

Personalized, objective-driven investment decisions


Independent, conflict-free and unbiased research, analysis and advice


Diversified global and domestic portfolios


Specialty asset management


Emphasis on tax liability and cost mitigation

ESG Investing -
Align your investments with your values.

What is ESG?

Environmental - How a company treats our world.
Social - How a company treats people.
Governance - How a company operates.

ESG investing takes these three factors into consideration when analyzing companies and seeks to invest in ones that score high. Investment decisions can also be guided by excluding industries, such as tobacco, firearms and fossil fuels. ESG investing can also focus on long-term themes such as clean energy or green bonds.

Through screening and research we determined the best fund for each asset class in order to construct our ESG solution. This includes a fund that invests in projects that meet the United Nation’s 17 goals for sustainable development, and a bond fund that screens out over 14 highly specific industries including palm oil, for-profit prisons and others that are not included in a basic exclusionary screen. Overall, the model offers a complete solution for the conscientious investor.

If you are interested in ESG investing, give us a call to arrange a personal appointment with one of our Mechanics Bank Wealth Management professionals.


We serve as investment managers for:


Individuals and families


Trusts and estates


Businesses, including pensions and profit-sharing plans


IRAs and tax-qualified accounts


Nonprofit organizations


Private foundations

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