Managing Unique Assets

Managing unique assets often presents subtle and complex challenges. Mechanics Bank has a highly qualified team of experienced asset managers who are experts in this specialized area. We manage real properties including single family homes, multifamily residential properties, commercial properties and agricultural properties. Our services also include the management of mineral, oil and gas interests and closely held business interests holding real property. Our charge is to preserve the value and quality of your assets, both structurally and economically. Through prudence and a well-reasoned approach, we are able to optimize the performance of these assets as they move from you to your beneficiaries.

Real-life Experience with Real Property Assets

What sets our trust real estate experts apart is years of direct experience working with a varied portfolio of assets, while operating under the umbrella of strict fiduciary guidelines. We combine professional discipline with personal commitment to employ the most appropriate strategies, from simple to sophisticated, to help you achieve your goals. We also work directly with other members of your Wealth Management team, such as Trust Administrators and Investment Managers, to provide you with comprehensive management and execution of even the most complex trust.

Services in Managing Real Estate and Other Unique Assets

  • Advise the sale, 1031 exchange or repositioning of your real estate assets
  • Recommend capital improvements to enhance the value and performance of income producing property
  • Provide insurance and tax oversight
  • Manage and supervise property managers and leasing agents
  • Perform periodic inspections and obtain appraisals
  • Provide environmental oversight including remediation advice
  • Manage oil and gas interests
  • Manage closely held business interests
  • Coordinate services with your professional team
multifamily housing

We have years of direct experience working with real property assets.

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