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Safeguard Your Debit Card with Card Controls and Alerts

Card Controls allow you to safeguard your Mechanics Bank debit card against unauthorized transactions and purchases. You can conveniently manage how and where your card is used through online banking and our mobile banking app. With Card Controls you can set transaction limits, establish merchant or transaction restrictions, and even turn your card on or off.

Prevent Fraud

Easily turn off your debit card to prevent new withdrawals and purchases and protect your card against fraud. Simply turn your card back on to resume normal authorized transactions. Learn more about how to protect yourself from common fraud tactics.

Control Spending

  • Set dollar amount limits to decline transactions over a specific dollar amount.
  • Enable or restrict debit card activity by the type of transaction. For example, you can allow in-store or digital wallet purchases while restricting online or phone transactions. You can even manage transactions made at the ATM.
  • Manage card transactions based on the merchant type. Merchant categories include department stores, entertainment, gas station, groceries, household, personal care, restaurants, and travel.
  • Restrict debit card activity geographically by choosing to block or allow foreign or domestic originated transactions.

Receive Alerts1

  • Establish alerts for your debit card transactions (all, preferred, or blocked transactions).
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by staying informed about attempted and declined transactions.
  • Select your preference to receive alerts by text, email, or both.

1. The actual time between a card transaction that triggers a Transaction Alert and the time you receive the alert is dependent on your wireless carrier’s service and coverage within the area in which you are physically located at that time.

Watch & Learn

learn how to turn off your debit card

learn how to set up alerts with card controls

Card Controls & Alerts FAQs

Get Started

Card Controls and Alerts are already available with your Mechanics Bank debit card. Here's how to get started:

From Online Banking:

  • Sign in to Online Banking
  • Click on My Resources
  • Select Card Controls and Alerts

From the Mobile App:

  • Open the Mobile App
  • Tap on More
  • Choose Card Controls and Alerts
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