An easier, more convenient way to pay. Your Mechanics Bank Visa® debit card works everywhere Visa® is accepted — around town, worldwide and online.

Get Cash and Avoid ATM Fees

With your Mechanics Bank debit or ATM card, you have easy access to cash at over 37,000 surcharge-free2 ATMs throughout the country. Find a location near you.

Fast and Convenient

  • Accepted virtually everywhere, chip technology allows for quicker card recognition than traditional swipe transactions
  • Where you see the contactless symbol, you can pay in seconds with tap-and-go

Safe and Secure

  • There’s never a person-to-person exchange of cash
  • With contactless payment, your card never leaves your hand
  • A unique code generated with every chip or contactless transaction protects against fraud
  • With Visa’s Zero Liability policy1, you aren’t responsible for unauthorized purchases – including those made online
  • Card Controls keeps your debit card safe and alerts keep you informed - learn more about Card Controls and Alerts

No ATM Fees or Surcharges2

Access your cash at a MoneyPass® ATM without having to pay "out-of-network" ATM fees or surcharges.

Store building

Conveniently Located

Located virtually everywhere you go, you'll find MoneyPass® ATMs at nearby banks and credit unions, as well as convenient stores, gas stations and more.

Mobile device

Easy to Find

Finding a surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATM is easy...just download the Mechanics Bank mobile banking app, or visit our Locations page.

Mechanics Bank debit cards

Tap, Insert, Swipe.

No matter where you venture, there's a way to pay.


1 Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify Mechanics Bank promptly of any unauthorized use. Contact us for additional details or visit Visa's zero liability page.

2 For Mechanics Bank customers only.