Debit MasterCard ®

One Card Does the Work of Checks, Cash and Regular ATM Card

No Fee, No Interest, No Debt

There is no fee for the card and because your purchases are deducted from your checking account there is no interest and no debt. We call it the better way to pay and it will change the way you shop forever!

ATM Surcharge Rebate**

That's right! If another bank charges you to use their ATM, we'll refund the surcharge fee.

Use It In Place of Writing Checks

Your purchase amount is deducted from your designated Mechanics Bank checking account.

Use It In Place of Checks

There is no need to carry a large amount of cash. Your Debit MasterCard® works in place of cash and it's safer.

Your Transactions Appear On Your Monthly Account Statement

Each transaction is individually identified on your monthly Mechanics Bank checking account statement. Reconcile your account just as always. You can still write checks for purchases, but with the Debit MasterCard's added convenience, you will write checks less and less.

Use Your Debit MasterCard at millions of locations that welcome/accept MasterCard Debit Cards.

Debit/ATM Card Comparison

*Upon Approval
**Actual rebate amount depends upon the actual surcharges incurred. Excludes reimbursements from ATMs located in gaming establishments.