Remote Deposit Capture

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Optimize your deposit processing with Remote Deposit Capture, and bypass the traditional paper check payment system. Send deposits from your office to the bank electronically, using a desktop scanner and your computer. It’s fast, affordable, and secure.

Take advantage of Check 21 legislation by automating the preparation and delivery of your check deposits to Mechanics Bank.


  • Remote Deposit Capture utilizes Web-based technology along with a standard Internet-enabled desktop computer and check scanner.
  • Both consumer and business checks can be deposited electronically through Remote Deposit Capture. Some restrictions apply.
  • Remote Deposit Capture reads the amounts of the checks automatically and verifies the total amount of scanned checks against the amount you’ve entered as a deposit total.
  • Once balanced, the deposit is transmitted to Remote Deposit Capture for credit to your business account.


Improves funds availability. The potential to meet earlier deposit deadlines, the elimination of deposit concentration and the advent of image exchange can all contribute to improved funds availability.

Reduces costs. Reduce internal processing costs as well as bank fees through the remote deposit process, re-allocation of duties, and reduction of transportation expenses.

Reduces transportation costs. Eliminate daily bank runs and reallocate staff resources to more productive functions. Save money through reduced transportation costs. Use our Mileage Calculator to determine your gas/mileage savings.

Meets earlier deposit deadlines. Send your deposit transmission at any time during the day - a deposit is considered made at the time of receipt.

Extends deposit windows. You are not limited to bank office hours - you can initiate deposits 24/7, seven days a week.

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