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Security Measures for Online Banking

Learn how to protect yourself

At Mechanics Bank, maintaining the security of your personal and account information is our top priority. We’re committed to providing you with an online banking experience that’s as safe and secure as any in the industry.

Online Banking and/or Bill Pay account includes significant security enhancements. You will be made aware that new security measures will affect your Online Banking account when you enter your Access ID and Password, and are then directed to a screen that reads, "MechDirect: Mechanics Bank Multi-Factor Authentication."

Mechanics Bank Multi-Factor Authentication Lets Us Know It’s Really You.
The Multi-Factor Authentication process requires a one-time, online setup procedure to establish additional security safeguards. These safeguards will be used to confirm the identity of your primary computer, as well as your personal identity, should the need arise. Multi-Factor Authentication ensures that only you are able to access your account information. Additionally, Multi-Factor Authentication ensures that you are visiting Mechanics Bank's website, and not a bogus, look-alike website.

During the setup process you will be asked to choose from one of three (3) identity confirmation methods, in order to allow us to confirm your identity in the event that one of the following occurs: 1) You use a computer that The Mechanics Bank does not recognize as your primary computer. 2) Significant changes are made to your primary computer. If you always access your account(s) online using the same computer, you may not experience any additional steps during the login process.

Your three options for setting up these additional identity confirmation precautions include:

    1. Security Questions. Registering the answers to five pre-determined security questions, to which only you know the answer, will allow us to confirm your personal identity should the need arise.

    2. E-mail. You may elect to have a single-use login password sent to a pre-designated e-mail address. This single-use login password will then allow you to access your online account information one time. Please note, although the outbound e-mail message is sent as soon as you complete the enrollment process, delivery of the e-mail message to your Inbox depends on a number of items, including: web traffic, your Internet Service Provider, your internet speed access (for example, DSL, Cable modem, or dial-up modem), and other items that are beyond our control. In some cases, delivery of the one-time e-mail password may be delayed.

    3. Text Message. You may indicate a pre-designated wireless phone number to which we will send a text message containing a single-use login password. This single-use password will then allow you to access your online account information one time.

In the interest of your online security we’d like to remind you that from time to time, you may receive e-mail notices and alerts from Mechanics Bank regarding your account.

Please know, however, that we will never send you an e-mail message that:

  • Links you to a website – even our own website.
  • Warns you that your account will be closed if you don’t respond to a request for information.
  • Asks you to provide your social security number, driver's license number, credit card number, or any other personal and/or financial data.

Additionally, you should never share your Access ID, Password, PIN or account number with anyone, under any circumstances, other than to initiate a transaction directly with the Bank.

If you ever receive an e-mail or link to a website that does ask you for such information, please contact us immediately at 1.800.797.6324.

Learn how to protect yourself