Home Equity Loan

A Mechanics Bank Home Equity Loan has a fixed repayment term and fixed interest rate. The advantage to the loan is that you receive your loan amount in one lump sum and you know exactly how much your monthly payment is and the exact length of the repayment term. In most instances, homeowners select a Home Equity Loan to meet a specific borrowing need such as home remodeling or to purchase an auto.

You may qualify for a Home Equity Line of Credit in the amount of $10,000- $500,000 with your lendable equity at 80% of your home's appraised value minus your mortgage balance.

For additional information or assistance with our Home Equity Loans, please visit one of our locations or call us at 800-797-6324.

We can assure you that your request for a loan will be reviewed by a local Loan Officer. We can guarantee you local service because we are a bank rooted in the community ... we don't have an out of state loan office. And because we have one of the longest tenured staffs in the business, there is an opportunity that you may work with the same Loan Officer for years. This serves as a distinct advantage of working with MechanicsBank ... We know you, you know us.

We view extending credit, whether it is a credit card, an auto loan, a new home loan or a home equity line of credit as an important responsibility of a community bank. We are proud that for nearly a century we have been helping individuals, families and businesses accomplish their financial goals. Relationship banking is an advantage for you and for us.

The more we work together to meet your financial needs, the better we can serve you by knowing which products and services best fit your needs at any given time.

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