Overdraft Line of Credit

Is an overdraft line of credit the best solution for you?


  • Avoid non-sufficient funds and additional overdraft fees
  • Doesn’t require additional deposit balances or reserve to cover potential overdrafts
  • Maximum credit limit of up to $5,000
  • Outstanding balance can be paid back over time (plus no 30-day out of debt requirement)
  • No regulatory limit on the number of transactions per month


  • Credit approval required so it’s only available to credit worthy individuals
  • Interest charged on outstanding balance
  • Overdraft transfers must be in increments of $50.00
  • Transfer fee for each advance
Approval / Eligibility: Credit approval
Limit: $500 - $5,000
Interest Rate / Finance Charge: Fixed - 18.00% APR
Other Fees:
  • Transfer / Advance Fee - $5.00
  • Late fee - $10.00
Account Requirements / Restrictions:
  • Monthly payment via auto debit
  • Payment due date – one business day after statement date (linked account)
  • Minimum payment:
    • Less than $25 – entire balance
    • $25 - $500 - $25 plus any past due amount
    • Over $500 – 5% of the balance owing plus any past due amount
  • Transfers in increments of $50.00 or the amount of credit available, whichever is less

Set up Overdraft Protection by calling 1.800.797.6324 or visit a Mechanics Bank office.

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