Personalized Banking
for Medical Practices

Because Relationships Matter

As a physician, we understand that you are quite different from the typical business owner in many ways:

  • Your products are in fact years of acquired knowledge and honed experience
  • Your store is in fact an office suite or surgical center that is often dependent on the most contemporary technologies
  • Your customers are in fact patients who rely on your expertise to maintain their health and well-being

But you do have something in common with the typical business owner – you expect your banker to recognize that you are different, and therefore deserved of personalized service and intense client focus.

That’s why it is Mechanics Bank’s sincere pleasure to introduce Personalized Banking for Medical Practices, an innovative program customized to the banking needs of medical practices just like yours.

Personalized Banking provides you with multiple benefits, to include:

  • A dedicated Personal Banker to service your personal and practice banking needs
  • Flexibility and responsiveness in managing your lending needs
  • Complimentary Wealth Management products and services to benefit you, your employees and your partners

For more information, please call 800-797-6324.