Certificate of Deposit

9-Month Liquid Certificate of Deposit

Are you concerned about losing liquidity when you invest? Worry no more! Invest today in a Mechanics Bank 9 month CD and receive peace of mind knowing that if you should need your funds before your CD matures you can have them. Our 9 month CD allows you to withdrawal your funds after just 7 days without penalty. The minimum opening amount for the 9-month Liquid CD is $5,000. The minimum balance is also $5,000 and early withdrawal penalties apply.

Custom Investment Certificate of Deposit

Our most flexible investment opportunity . . . you tailor your investment to the yield and term (7 days to 5 years) that's right for you. Competitive rates are set weekly based on current money market conditions. You are guaranteed the same interest rate until your investment matures. At maturity, you have the opportunity to automatically renew at the interest rate currently in effect, or select a new rate and term. You can even customize your interest payments - monthly, quarterly, annually - paid to a checking or savings account or by cashier's check. The minimum opening amount for a custom CD is $1,000. The minimum balance is $1,000. No deposits or withdrawals are allowed and early withdrawal penalties apply.

One-Step Certificate of Deposit

The One-Step Certificate of Deposit is a very flexible CD option because you have the ability to lock in at a great rate now and should rates increase during the 18-month term, you have the one-time opportunity to bump up your rate to the higher rate without extending the original maturity date. A $1,000 minimum opening amount is required and early withdrawal penalties apply.

For additional information, including current interest rates, please contact your local branch or call us at 800.797.6324