Identity Theft

Signs Identity Theft

Identity theft is dangerous because it can remain hidden for a relatively long time before it's identified. Here are some signs to help you identity if you've been a target of identity theft:

Some Signs of Identity Theft:

  • Missing Mail
    A telling sign of identity theft is if you are missing mail or see a significant drop in amount of mail you receive.

  • Suspicious Transactions
    Monitor your accounts, statements, and credit reports and look for unusual transactions. Online and Mobile banking are a great way to monitor your accounts.

  • Unexpected declines
    Be alert to any unexpected declines for a loan or a mortgage, despite your good credit. A safe practice is to get a copy of your credit report at least every six months.

  • Strange collection calls
    Calls from a collection agency you don't recognize are another sign that someone has stolen your identity.

  • New credit cards
    A credit card in the mail that you haven't applied for could be a sign that someone has attempted to steal your identity.