Quick Tips To Help Protect Yourself

Other Helpful Information

When it comes to your personal finances, remember to take control and monitor your accounts. Here are some more helpful tips to stay on top of your personal financial information.

  • Don't ignore collection calls for loans that you do not have.

    Collection calls for loans you don not have may be a sign of identity theft. If you don't have a loan with a creditor, an identity thief may have used your name and personal information and failed to make payments.

  • Don't ignore address change notifications.

    If you receive a notice and you didn't change your address, call the bank immediately. This may be an attempt to take over your account and divert statements.

  • Notify the bank if you do not receive a statement or bill on time.

    This can be an indicator that you mail may have been stolen. Make sure the address has not been changed or your bill has not been stolen from the mail.

  • Keep your address and telephone number information current.

    This will enable us to reach you quickly if there is an unauthorized attempt to obtain credit in your name.

  • Accept and return calls from the bank as soon as possible.

    Sometime we may call regarding questions about your recent loan application or a check that you wrote. Doing so will assist us greatly in making sure that we do not return an authorized check and do not pay an unauthorized check.