Personalized Banking
for Accounting Practices And Their Clients

Because Relationships Matter

Personalized Banking for Accounting Practices and Their Clients does exactly what its name suggests – it delivers personalized, one-on-one banking services to your clients, simply because you and your practice referred them to Mechanics Bank.

Customized for the unique credit, depository and cash management needs of your Dental, Physician and Small Business clients, Personalized Banking provides speed, flexibility and responsiveness in meeting your clients’ personal and business banking needs. To make sure we can keep this promise, a dedicated Personal Banker will serve as a facilitator across all of Mechanics Bank’s services. Whether your clients are seeking a commercial loan to expand their practice, debt restructuring to enhance their cash flow or a 401k plan to ensure their employees and partners are planning for the future, their Personal Banker will be there to escort them to the right resources at the right time.

Moreover, your clients will benefit from preferred terms, preferred pricing and fee waivers across diverse products and services. Again, just because you referred them to Mechanics Bank.

Personalized Banking also provides your practice with a dedicated Personal Banker and a wide range of discrete products and services geared to the distinctive needs of an accounting practice just like your own.

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