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Protect Yourself with Trusteer Rapport

Partnering with Trusteer, the leading provider of secure web access services, we are pleased to offer you an additional layer of protection while banking online. Trusteer’s Rapport is a small, downloadable application that helps protect against financial malware attacks and fraudulent websites. Trusteer works with leading banks worldwide to keep your online bank accounts safe. To learn more about Trusteer, please visit the links below. We encourage you to review the information provided and download and install Trusteer Rapport today.

Learn More About Rapport   
Trusteer Privacy Policy   
Trusteer Rapport Disclaimer   
Video Overview   
Learning Center   
System Requirements   

Trusteer Rapport Support   

Report A Problem Directly To Trusteer   

Trusteer Rapport now protects over 100 different financial institutions and over 20 million users from malware, including financial brands like Bank of America, ING Direct, HSBC, Bank of the West, First Republic Bank, Zions Bank, SunTrust and PayPal (full list here). We will continue to work with Trusteer to provide additional information to address some of the questions Mechanics Bank clients have regarding this software.

Here are a few additional links that provide more information on Trusteer, and how they address online reports regarding their Rapport security application.

Trusteer's Corporate Blog Addresses Security Risks and User Concerns   
Trusteer Discusses Banks Mandating Use of Rapport or Similar Software   
Trusteer Addresses Concerns About SpyEye-Zeus Malware    

If you choose not to download this valuable application, please be aware that you will be presented with a pop-up message every 90 days reminding you to do so when you log into your Mechanics Bank Online Banking or Business Online Banking account.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Trusteer Rapport, please contact our Client Services team at 800.797.6324 or Contact Us.