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Mobile and Online Security

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Mechanics Bank is committed to protecting you and your Online Banking transactions. The following message contains information and suggestions related to Online and Mobile Banking Security.

Report Your Lost Or Stolen Device Immediately

Contact Mechanics Bank immediately if your mobile device is lost or stolen so that we can disable Mobile Banking access for that device.

Back up your mobile device

Best practices recommend that you backup your mobile devices regularly to prevent data loss if your mobile device is broken, lost or stolen.

Keep a record of your mobile device

Keep a record of the brand, model and serial number of your mobile device in the event it is lost or stolen. This can assist law enforcement in recovering your device as well as assist your insurance carrier with replacement information.

Do not store your User ID on your mobile application

Mobile Banking applications can allow a user to save their User ID on their downloaded mobile application. Best practices state that storing your User ID on the phone can make it easier for fraudsters to access your account information if your mobile device is lost or stolen. Be mindful of any private information you store on your mobile device as these devices are easily lost or stolen, making the private information accessible to unauthorized people.

Password protect your mobile device

Set your mobile device to require a password before allowing access to the device. This is the first layer of protection if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

Use complex passwords

Passwords should (1) be at least 8 characters in length, (2) contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, (i.e., punctuation marks and symbols); (3) not be a commonly used word in any known language, jargon, slang, etc.; (4) not be based on personal information that could be known to others.

Change your password frequently

Best practices recommend changing your Online Banking password at least every 90 days, and immediately if you believe your password has been compromised.

Do not write down passwords

It is best not to store passwords on electronic devices (i.e., computer or phone) or write them down on paper.

Do not share your online/mobile banking login credentials

Do not share your User ID, Password, PIN or account number with anyone, under any circumstances. Mechanics Bank will never initiate a request for sensitive information via email, text, phone call or other means, (i.e., Social Security Number, User ID, Password, PIN or account number). If you think your login information has been compromised, please contact Mechanics Bank Online Services immediately

Download mobile applications only from authorized application stores

Mechanics Bank mobile applications can be found at the Apple App Store, Google Play and other authorized application stores. Do not download applications except from these authorized locations

Keep your mobile devices operating system up to date

When your mobile device manufacturer releases operating system updates, be sure to update your mobile device. These updates usually contain bug fixes and security enhancements for your specific device

Maintain current antivirus and other security suite software

Be sure to download all security related patches and updates for your operating system, network and antivirus applications as these updates often contain fixes to known security deficiencies

Ensure your internet connection is encrypted

Do not use the local coffee shop internet connection or other public internet when accessing your banking information. These "public" internet connections could allow others access to your information.

Download and install Trusteer Rapport (for use on PC’s only)

Mechanics Bank has partnered with Trusteer (an IBM Company), the leading provider of secure web access services, to add another layer of security to your personal computer and your Online Banking session. The Trusteer Rapport software protects against malware (malicious software) attacks, reducing the risk of internet fraud.

Be cautious with unsolicited emails, unverified websites and pop-up messages

Do not open unsolicited emails or click on any links or attachments contained with an email message until you verify its authenticity with the sender. Do not click on any links from unverified websites or downloads from unverified pop-up messages.

Pay attention to unusually slow response times on Online Banking sites

Unusually slow response times may indicate your connection has been diverted to a fraudulent site. Contact Mechanics Bank Online Services to see if there is a reason for slower responses on the Bank's official Online Banking or Mobile Banking site(s).

Watch for unusual changes online

When you login to Online or Mobile Banking, be alert to new or unusual messages or screens. Contact the Bank immediately if anything looks suspicious.

Never leave your computer unattended

Do not leave your computer or mobile device unattended while logged into Online or Mobile Banking. Always properly log out and exit Online or Mobile Banking when you have completed your session.

Check your accounts frequently

Log in to Online or Mobile Banking daily to review your account information and transactions. Report any unauthorized activity to the Bank immediately. Setup email and/or text account alerts to notify you of specific account activity. <

Check your email and/or text messages frequently

Notes://NotesGW/8825741F0060D386/B7B112395BD2807D88257450007C7DCB/F60093569C8DC02588257E3E00719E2F Page: security-mobile-securityTEST2 Check your email and/or text messages frequently for any Online Banking notifications, messages and alerts. Report any unauthorized change notifications or suspicious activity to the Bank immediately.

Keep your contact information current

Keep your personal contact information current and on file with the Bank, and within the personal settings in Online Banking.

Additional Suggestions for Business Online Banking Users

Review account activity multiple times daily

At the beginning of each business day and again each evening, verify all transactions originated by your company. We recommend that you have all transactions reviewed by someone other than the person who originates them.

Dedicate a single computer to your online banking activities

Use a computer for your online banking activities that is not used for email or internet browsing. This can greatly reduce your potential for online fraud due to viruses or malware

Use dual controls for all activities involving financial transactions

Have one person prepare the transaction request and another review and approve the transaction. The secondary approver should approve all transactions from a computer other than the one that was used to originate the transaction(s).

Do not share Online Banking login credentials

Each employee authorized to use Online Banking should be assigned a unique User ID and password or token. These credentials should not be shared with other employees, including IT support staff.

Restrict online access times to your employees regular business hours

Restricting your employees from performing transactions outside of your normal business hours and from computers outside your company can reduce the risk of contracting computer viruses and malware that may reside on other computers.

Maintain control of assigned security tokens (if applicable)

Do not share security tokens between employees. Maintain a log of those employees who have access to security tokens. Always regain control of these tokens when employees leave your place of business. Contact Mechanics Bank immediately if you need to restrict access for any of your assigned security tokens. Keep assigned security token(s) on your person or in a locked or secure place at all times.

Review your insurance policy

Review your insurance policy to verify it contains appropriate coverage in the event you become a victim of online fraud, whether initiated by employees or outsiders, and that your computer system(s) are covered against any external attacks or fraudulent activity. For questions or concerns related to this online/mobile security information, please contact Mechanics Bank Online Services at 877-265-6324.