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Quick Tips To Help Protect Yourself

Credit Card & Debit Card Security

Credit and Debit card fraud often occurs after the card is stolen. However, thieves can also fraudulently use your account number while your card sits safely in your wallet or purse. These tips will help you minimize the chances of credit card fraud:

  • Sign your cards.

    Sign your cards as soon as you get them in the mail. An alternative to signing your cards, is writing the words "Please See ID" on the signature line.

  • Memorize your PIN.

    Do not write it down, or leave it with your card. It is best to memorize your PIN and to choose numbers that are not easily identifiable, such as a birthdate or Social Security Number.

  • Use your credit/debit card number wisely online.

    Don't enter your card number online unless you're on a secure site, and don't send your credit card number to anyone in an unsecured email.

  • Maintain your records.

    Keep a record of all your account numbers, expiration dates, and contact information for each issuer in a secure place. This will come in handy if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

  • Report a lost or stolen card immediately.

    Time may be of the essence when it comes to a lost or stolen card. Report the loss immediately, if you act quickly, you will minimize the potential loss and liability to your accounts.

  • Montior your statements monthly

    Make sure you recognize all charges on your financial statements. If you see any suspicious transactions, contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately.

  • Watch for voided transactions.

    Keep a close watch on store credits and other cancelled transactions. Carefully review your receipts and statements and make sure voided transactions do not post to your account.

  • Carry only what's necessary.

    Only carry cards that you need, leaving others in a safe place at home.