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Quick Tips To Help Protect Yourself

Online Banking

Online banking and mobile banking are a safe and convenient way for you to stay on top of your finances. Follow these additional steps to keep yourself even more protected.

  • Stay at your computer once you sign on.

    Never leave your computer unattended while using online banking. If you have to leave your computer, be sure to log off completely from your secure session.

  • Sign off when you're done.

    Remember to always sign off completely when you are finished with your secure online banking session. This is even more critical if you're using a computer that other people can access, like at a library or internet cafe.

  • Use only secure sites.

    One of the ways to determine if a site is secure is to look for the padlock icon usually located at the bottom of the Web page. If you double click on the icon, a pop-up window will appear with information about the Web site. The information in this window should match the Web site you're visiting. You can also look for the "https", the "s" indicates that the website is secure.

  • Be on the lookout for suspicious Web sites.

    Watch out for copycat or spoof sites that may try to look like financial institutions or other trusted companies that you do business with. To make sure you're visiting a legitimate site, type the business' address directly into your browser, or use a bookmark that you previously created.

  • Use public computers with caution.

    Only access your personal financial information from a computer you trust. Internet kiosks and cyber cafes may not be as secure as your personal computer. If you use a public computer, be sure to log off when you have finished.