Personalized Banking
for Attorneys And Their Clients

Because Relationships Matter

As an attorney, we realize that Time is one of your most precious commodities. Time with your clients; time with your colleagues; time with your loved ones. Relationships do matter, and there never seems to be enough time to caretake each one as much as we would like.

Personalized Banking for Attorneys and Their Clients does exactly what its name suggests – it delivers personalized, time-saving, one-on-one banking services to you, to your firm and to your clients.

How exactly can a bank save you time?

Personalized Banking will provide you with a Personal Banker to fully service your firm’s distinctive banking needs, as well as your personal needs. Our Personal Bankers are expert in directing attorneys like yourself to the unique products and services that can benefit your firm. Whether you are seeking a commercial mortgage to expand your offices, evaluating the latest technologies to enhance cash flow or researching the best high interest, liquid deposit products, your Personal Banker will ensure you find the right product at the right time without wasting time.

These benefits are also available to your clients, simply because you referred them to Mechanics Bank. Specially focusing on your Dental, Physician and Small Business clients, Personalized Banking empowers you to provide your clients with preferred terms, preferred rates and preferred pricing across those discrete products and services that are critical to growing their practice or business.

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