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Start taking control of your finances with FinanceWorks!

Now you can see where every dollar has been and where it's going. Introducing FinanceWorks, free with any Mechanics Bank account using Online Banking. FinanceWorks shows you the activity of every account, loan, investment, bill and credit card you have, from Mechanics Bank and beyond, on one webpage. It's a new way to think about your money, so you can make more informed financial decisions. By accessing FinanceWorks, you can now view your accounts at over 16,000 financial institutions and creditors, and automatically categorizes your transactions daily – making it effortless to see how much you are spending on dining, gas, shopping, and more. You can create a monthly budget, and start to make changes that make a difference.

FinanceWorks doesn't just show it all, it analyzes it all.

You'll discover spending habits you never knew you had. Find new places to save money. Be reminded when bills are due. FinanceWorks will help you set goals, make budgets, and do the right thing financially. 

To enroll, login to Online Banking and click on the FinanceWorks link. Once you login, your Mechanics Bank account data will be automatically added and you are ready to start planning your budget. There are additional tools to categorize small business transactions as well.

Learn more by viewing the video overview of FinanceWorks below.

FinanceWorks - Key Features

  • Connect to over 14,000 financial institutions and creditors
    Checking, savings, investment accounts, loans and credit can see them all here with just one login.
  • Know where you are spending your money
    FinanceWorks automatically categorizes your transactions from your accounts so you can control spending more easily, stay on budget, and save more.
  • See your net worth 
    Track your overall net worth, including physical assets such as your house, cars, gold, etc. to get a better picture of your overall financial health.
  • Get organized at tax time 
    Tax Watch report automatically tracks tax deductable expenses such as child care and charitable contributions.
  • Make your finances come to you 
    Alerts and reminders help you track your budgets, pay bills on time, and get timely updates about your accounts.
  • Simple Small Business Accounting 
    Track business income and expenses within your personal accounts. Generate a simple income/expense report and simplify tax time.

For additional information regarding Online Banking and Bill Pay, please contact Online Banking Services at 877.265.6324.

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