Relationship Business Checking

Full featured checking account.

No monthly service charge with:

  • $5,000 minimum daily balance; OR
  • $7,500 average monthly balance; OR
  • $15,000 combined balance1

  • OR
  • Any one of the following processed monthly through the Relationship Business Checking account:
    • 5 or more monthly online bill payments through Mechanics Bank business online banking; OR
    • Automatic payment to any Mechanics business or personal loan; OR
    • Payroll services through Mechanics Bank preffered provider; OR
    • Merchant Services through Mechanics Bank preferred provider

    Monthly Service Charge: $12.00

    Monthly Activity Allowance:
    Activity fee of $0.40 per item assessed when greater than 250 combined items are processed in any given month (Combined items include deposits processed, items deposited and checks paid)

    Monthly Coin & Currency Allowance:
    $5,000 per month ($1.40 per thousand assessed thereafter)
    (Includes coin or currency deposited and/or furnished)

    For more information about these business services, please visit one of our offices or contact us at 800-797-6324.

    Overdraft Protection is available with a Mechanics Bank Business SavingsLink or Business Money Market Plus Account. Some restrictions apply. $100 minimum opening deposit for any checking account.

    1 Combined balance shall be defined as follows: when used for service charge purposes, "combined balance" means the average monthly balance of the primary checking account, together with the combined current balances (determined on the statement date of the primary checking account) in all other business deposit and loan accounts with the exception of analyzed accounts.