Gold Debit MasterCard ®

The Gold Debit MasterCard® is a full featured convenience debit card product that does the work of our ATM card, our debit MasterCard and checks, plus provides exclusive Gold Cardholder benefits. Those who qualify for the Gold Debit MasterCard receive an array of prestige card benefits including the exclusive Mechanics Bank Gold Debit MasterCard Cash Rebate Program (See Rebate Program Rules for details and qualifications†).

It's our best ATM card

Qualifying customers can use their Mechanics Bank Gold Debit MasterCard® at another bank's ATM machine and get rebates for surcharges assessed by other banks for using their ATMs. Subject to minimum balance requirements. Rebate amount depends upon the actual surcharge incurred.

It's the best Debit MasterCard

Use your Gold Debit MasterCard® for signature based purchases wherever MasterCard™ debit cards are accepted in the United States and receive a .25% Cash Rebate. Your purchases are deducted from your Mechanics Bank checking account so there is no debt, therefore no interest and of course there is no charge for the card.

Gold Debit MasterCard Benefits:

  • ATM rebates for surcharges at non-Mechanics Bank ATMs (with qualifying accounts)
  • .25% Cash Rebate Program on signature-based purchases.
  • Extended warranty
  • Master RoadAssist® Service
  • Purchase Assurance® Coverage
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Coverage
  • MasterCard Global Service
  • Lost and stolen card reporting
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Emergency cash advance

Debit/ATM Card Comparison

Gold Debit MasterCard ® Rebate Program Rules

Gold Debit MasterCard Rebate Program Rules
Mechanics Bank Gold MasterCard® Debit Card Rebate Program ("Program") allows you to earn a 0.25% rebate, not to exceed $500, on all Qualifying Purchases made during each Program Year. Your participation in the Program begins automatically when you open a Card.

Qualifying Purchases.
Qualifying Purchases are signature based transactions for goods and services charged to your primary checking account ("Account") using your Gold MasterCard Debit Card ("Card"), less any credits for returned items or adjustments. Nonqualifying transactions include cash withdrawals, transfers, and PIN-based purchases through STAR or Maestro locations. The Program is based on individual usage of a Gold MasterCard Debit Card ("Card"). If an Account is linked to more than one Card, each Card will be separately eligible for participation in the Program.

Program Year.
The Program Year is November 1 through October 31 of the following year. A Card may begin participation in the Program at anytime during the Program Year. NOTE: Transactions on October 30 or 31 may not post before the end of the Program Year. Should that occur, those transactions will be included in the following Program Year.

Minimum Qualifying Purchases.
A rebate will be paid so long as the Card has $200 in average monthly Qualifying Purchases during the Program Year. If the Card is opened after November 1, the rebate will be based on the total amount of Qualifying Purchases, prorated for each full month when the Card was opened until the end of the current Program Year. For example, if the Card is opened on July 31, a total of $600 of Qualifying Purchases would be required by the end of the Program Year to earn a rebate.

To be eligible for payment of the rebate, the Card must meet the requirements for minimum Qualifying Purchases. In addition, the Account and the Card must be open and in good standing as of October 31 of the Program Year.

Payment of Rebate.
Rebates will be paid each November for Qualifying Purchases in the immediately preceding Program Year, by credit to the primary Checking Account.

Amendment or Termination.
The Bank reserves the right to amend or terminate the Program at any time.