Community Partners Checking

Designed for Nonprofit Organizations. In keeping with our commitment to community service, we are pleased to introduce Community Partner Checking for local non-profit organizations. Community Partners Checking incurs no monthly service charge when the organization has proven non-profit status.

We will deposit a contribution equal to 1% of the average annual deposit balance (up to $250) to every qualifying1 Community Partners Checking Account at the end of each calendar year.

No Monthly Service Charge With:

Proof of nonprofit status.

Monthly Service Charge: $0.00

Monthly Activity Allowance:
N/A (some restrictions may apply)2

Monthly Coin & Currency Allowance:
N/A (some restrictions may apply)2

For more information about these business services, please visit one of our offices or contact us at 800-797-6324.

1 Community Partners Checking Program Rules: The minimum qualifying average annual deposit balance is $1,000. The annual contribution will be credited to the account on December 31 of the Program year. The maximum contribution to each individual Community Partners Checking account will be $250.00 and the minimum contribution will be $10.00. To receive the annual contribution, the account must be open on December 31. The bank reserves the right to amend or terminate the Program at any time.

2 When a business checking account does not meet specific account requirements or experiences excessive transaction or cash handling activity or routine uncollected funds, the Bank may decide to convert that account to a more appropriate account type. For Smart Business Checking and Community Partners Checking, excessive transactions or cash handling activity is defined as 1.) more than 100 combined items per month (combined items include deposits processed, items deposited and checks paid) or 2.) more than $2,500 in coin and/or currency are deposited or furnished per month. If the Bank does decide to convert your account, you will be notified in advance and provided information regarding the benefits associated with your new account type.