How much gasoline can online deposits save?

Help Save the Environment with Deposit Direct


Find out how much CO2 your car produces in a year of short trips to the bank

If you run a business, you'd be surprised at how much time and fuel it takes to get your money to the bank every day.

Use our simple calculator to see just how much you can save by switching to online deposits and the good you can do for the environment!

Instructions: Enter in the number of times you drive to an ATM or office each week, how many minutes each trip takes, how many miles per gallon your vehicle gets, and what the current price of fuel is in your city. The Carbon Emissions Calculator will do the rest.

How much can your business save with Deposit Direct?

 On average, how many times a week do you make a deposit at the bank or ATM? trips/week
 About how many minutes does each trip take (including time spent at the bank)? minutes
 How many miles away is the bank branch you go to? miles
 How many CITY miles per gallon does your car or truck get? mpg
 What is the averge price of a gallon of gas in your city? $/per
 By making deposits online for one year, you will save:    
 This many gallons of gasoline:    gallons
 Which translates into this many barrels of oil:    barrels1
 And reduces greenhouse gas emissions by this many pounds:    pounds2
 Which is the equivalent of planting this many trees:    trees3
 Not to mention saving this many hours:    hours
 And this much money on fuel costs:    

1Based on the Energy Information Administration's published estimate of 19.6 gallons of finished gasoline, plus byproducts, per barrel of oil refined.
2Based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's published figure of 8.8kg carbon dioxide produced per gallon of gasoline.
3Based on estimated 330 pounds of carbon dioxide consumed per tree annually by the USDA Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research.