Other Forms Of Fraud

Check Fraud

Check fraud is the act of counterfeiting a check or negotiating a check that has been knowingly altered, forged in any way - in an effort to defraud a financial institution or customer. Technology has made it increasingly easy for criminals to create increasingly realistic counterfeit and fictitious checks as well as false identification that can be used to defraud financial institutions and customers.

Examples Of Check Fraud Include:

  • Counterfeit/Bogus Checks:
    Counterfeit checks are printed, photocopied or other reproductions of a check or other negotiable instrument not authorized or issued by the bank or the holder of the account the item is drawn against.

  • Forgeries
    Forgeries are checks or other negotiable items that contain forged, unauthorized or improper endorsement of the maker or payee.

  • Alterations
    Alterations are checks or other negotiable items bearing any kind of mechanical or chemical alteration of the payee(s) name(s) and/or amount.