Mechanics Bank Releases 2010 Corporate Giving Total

328 organizations received direct contributions totaling over $700,000

Just one year after launching its Community Partners Program, Mechanics Bank today announced that its 2010 corporate giving through the program totaled more than $700,000. Additional financial support for nonprofits in the form of sponsorships and ticket purchases for fundraising events raised the amount to $830,000, with another $77,000 going to nonprofit clients of the bank through rebates tied to the Bank’s Community Partners Checking Accounts.

These totals did not include in-kind contributions, contributions from the bank’s employees through Community Giving Campaign, a collaboration with United Way and Community Health Charities, California, or the bank’s sponsorship of food and toy drives which benefited a total of 23 different organizations.

“Our bank maintains its century-long commitment to supporting community organizations,” said Dianne Daiss Felton, Chairman of Mechanics Bank. “We have pledged to donate the equivalent of at least $1000 per employee and for the past five years we have exceeded that goal significantly. We feel a strong partnership with the communities and clients who have supported us.”

Beneficiaries of Mechanics Bank’s 2010 corporate giving included 328 organizations, all in Northern California. The majority of these groups target low- to moderate-income families and individuals living in the East Bay, San Francisco/Marin, Sacramento and Napa. They provide services and programs for children, adults and senior citizens, help homeless or hungry families and individuals, support arts and culture, health and education, and work to achieve affordable housing, wildlife and environmental preservation and services for people with disabilities.

“With very few exceptions, Mechanics Bank’s contributions support local organizations. National organizations may have numerous options for seeking support, but at the local level, nonprofits often have a limited pool of potential corporate contributors,” said Ms. Felton. “We try to step up—even if it is in small ways—to support worthy groups that otherwise might find it difficult to fulfill their missions. These local groups often make a significant difference in the quality of life in our communities.”

One example is the Richmond-based West Contra Costa Salesian Boys and Girls Club, which operates a full time facility that provides homework help, literacy programs, a gymnasium, sports, a nutrition program, games room, arts and crafts, computer lab and science club, all with an emphasis on youth development activities that are designed to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency among children at the greatest risk.

“Mechanics Bank has supported our program for decades,” said Judy Reed, Executive Director of the Club. “Corporate donors often come and go, but we have been able to count on Mechanics Bank throughout most of our 65 years. Not only are they a significant donor, but their employees have given countless hours, including providing leadership at the board level. They truly are a community partner.”

Mechanics Bank, which ranked among the top corporate givers in a 2010 survey by the San Francisco Business Times, also sponsors local food and toy drives to benefit East Bay, San Francisco, Marin, Napa and Sacramento-area organizations.

A year ago, Mechanics Bank launched the Community Partners program to lend a helping hand to the more than 800 Northern California nonprofit organizations with which it has a relationship. The program not only includes special financial products tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofits, but also helps match nonprofit organizations’ needs with the talents and interests of bank employees. To date, more than 100 employees have signed up for the program.

To help facilitate employee volunteerism, Mechanics Bank has added a new employee benefit of up to 12 hours of paid time off annually for volunteer activiti

“We’ve been a grateful beneficiary of Mechanics Bank’s emphasis on volunteering,” said Marco Gonzales, Principal of the Edward M. Downer Elementary School in San Pablo. “Dozens of bank employees give their time for programs like Junior Achievement’s business literacy program and even judging our science fair. They’ve also supported K to College (a program that provides school supplies and encouragement for students) and Project Seed, a program that partners with school districts to help children improve their math skills. The bank’s employees have been wonderful role models for our kids.”

“Mechanics Bank was founded a century ago with the mission of helping build prosperous communities,” said Ms. Felton. “We are proud to be able to partner with the nonprofit institutions that play such a crucial role in meeting that

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