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Quick Tips To Help Protect Yourself


  • Use caution when opening unsolicited emails and attachments.

    Viruses can be passed along via email and harm your computer. Be careful when opening emails – especially from someone you don't know.

  • Don't click and reveal your personal information.

    Never respond to unsolicited emails asking you to provide, update, or verify your personal and account information. These emails are scams.

    Mechanics Bank will never send unsolicited emails asking for personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security Numbers, PINs, credit or Check Card numbers, or other confidential information.

  • Always remember to sign out when you are done.

    If you are using a public terminal, at an internet cafe for example, it is advised that you close the browser you were using when you are ready to end your Internet session.

  • Change your password often.

    The quick act of changing your password can ensure your e-mail remains private. In addition, passwords that use both letters and numbers are harder to break.

  • Delete spam.

    Do not open it or reply to it, even to ask to be removed from a mailing list. When you reply, you confirm to the senders that they have reached an active e-mail account and make yourself vulnerable to further abuse.