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Other Forms Of Fraud

Print Advertisement Fraud

Some fraudsters attempt to commit fraud through fraudulent or fake newspaper advertisements. They pose as legitimate financial institutions and ask for your personal and account information.

Some fraudsters use local and community newspapers to publish fraudulent advertisements. These ads offer special rates for loans for mortgages, debt consolidation, or small businesses.

Fraudsters use fraudulent contact information such as mailing addresses or phone and fax numbers, and claim to be "third-party consultants." When unsuspecting consumers contact the fraudsters, the callers are asked to provide their personal and account information. fraudsters then tell applicants that their loans have been approved, but that they first need to make an initial payment or deposit before the loans can be advanced by wire transfer.

Do your homework. If you see a newspaper advertisement for a loan or a mortgage, make sure that it is legitimate. Fraudsters have placed fraudulent advertisements in local and community papers that appear to be trusted businesses and offer great deals on loans and mortgages. Do your homework and make sure the offer is legitimate. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not a legitimate offer.