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Personalized Banking
for Dental Practices And Their Clients

Because Relationships Matter

That’s why it is Mechanics Bank’s sincere pleasure to introduce Personalized Banking for Dental Practices, an innovative program customized to the banking needs of dental practices just like yours.

They matter in banking, as well.

Foundational to the philosophy behind Personalized Banking is the idea that every customer, every dental practice, is a little different. While you may have attended the same schools as your fellow dentists, your goals for your practice may be different; your personal situation may be different; the expectations you have for your future may be different.

To efficiently accommodate those differences, Personalized Banking for Dental Practices provides each dental practice client with a dedicated Personal Banker to service their practice and personal banking needs. Beyond just their knowledge of banking, your Personal Banker is also a subject matter expert in the financial services issues and opportunities facing today’s dental practitioners.

Whether you are exploring buying a new practice, restructuring debt to enhance your cash flow or building out your office space to accommodate a growing practice, your Personal Banker can provide you with experienced, personalized guidance suited to your unique circumstances.

For more information, please call 800-797-6324.