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Business Credit Services

Credit services are an important part of our relationship banking philosophy and commitment to serving the financial needs of the local business community. We want to serve as your trusted financial steward, so we take the time to study your goals and to understand your short- and long-term credit needs. Because The Mechanics Bank has one of the longest tenured staffs in the industry, it is likely that you will work with the same professional banker for a long time, thus assuring continuity of service.

Whether it is additional working capital, the need for updated equipment, the acquisition of real estate, or funds to take advantage of a competitive situation, we want to help. We strive to make the credit process as easy and convenient as possible. Local knowledge is important. You can be assured that your application will be reviewed personally by a local, knowledgeable, loan professional. Our goal is to say "yes".

Lines of Credit or Term Loans up to $50,000 ... we provide

  • Easy One-Page Application
  • Quick turnaround, an Answer in 48 Hours
  • Easy Access: make a draw or paydown by phone or in person at Mechanics Bank office where you do business
  • Personal Assistance in determining your credit needs

Small Business Line of Credit up to $50,000

This is a flexible business tool that will allow you to take advantage of additional working capital to meet seasonal business needs, to take trade discounts, to finance receivables, and to assist in cash flow management. Upon credit approval, your operating Business Line of Credit will be in effect and it can be renewed annually with credit limits up to $50,000.

Small Business Term Loans up to $50,000 with Fixed or Variable Rates

Typically, we make Term Loans for business expansion, tenant improvements, and equipment purchases. We offer fixed or variable rates with loan amounts up to $50,000 and repayment terms up to five years; however, you may repay anytime without penalty.

Credit Application Checklist for a Line of Credit or Loan over $50,000

In some instances, all or part of the following information may be required. The more information that you provide, the more it assists us in processing your application promptly.

  • A completed loan application form.
  • Current personal financial statement for each owner, principal, partner, shareholder or member.
  • Copy of fictitious name statement, partnership agreement, articles of incorporation, or articles of organization.
  • Trust Agreement (if personal assets are held in trust).
  • 3 years business tax returns.
  • 3 years fiscal year end business financial statements.
  • Current interim business financial statements.
  • 3 years complete tax returns for each owner, principal, partner, shareholder or member.
  • For equipment, a copy of the purchase order or invoice.

For more information about these business services, please visit one of our offices or contact us at 800-797-6324.