Welcome Rabobank, N.A. Customers!

While the name Rabobank, N.A. has now officially changed, the way that you do your banking has not. You can expect “business as usual” until we combine our bank systems in 2020.

We know you may have lots of questions, so we’ve prepared some highlights of what you can expect as part of the Mechanics Bank family. Remember, we are here to help so please don’t hesitate to contact your local branch or reach out to our call centers with any questions.

What’s CHANGING for Rabobank customers

  • The Rabobank, N.A. Name – Rabobank, N.A. is now Mechanics Bank.
  • The Rabobank, N.A. Logo – The Rabobank logo will be replaced with the Mechanics Bank logo on almost everything you see. It won’t all happen at once or overnight, but gradually you’ll see the Mechanics Bank name more and more — on everything from your account statements to our buildings, and beyond.
  • Rabobank Branch Signage – Rabobank branches will begin receiving new, temporary signs featuring the Mechanics Bank name and logo in early September. Signs and logos within the branches will also begin to change in early September.
  • The RabobankAmerica.com Website – The website you’re familiar with (RabobankAmerica.com) won’t change right now, but it will change in appearance. You’ll notice Mechanics Bank’s colors and logo. You should continue to use the site for all your online banking needs until our systems are integrated in 2020. It’s just as safe and secure as before.<

What’s NOT CHANGING for Rabobank customers

  • Our commitment to serve you and our communities
  • Your customer account number(s)
  • Our branch locations and hours of operation
  • The routing/transit number you use (found on your checks and on the RabobankAmerica.com website)
  • Your ability to use your Rabobank checks, credit or debit/ATM cards (as you do today)
  • FDIC insurance on qualified deposits1
  • Your loan interest rates or loan terms (including payment due dates, and any pre-scheduled automatic loan payments)
  • Your interest rates on CDs or interest-bearing deposit accounts
  • Your access to online banking through RabobankAmerica.com (although the site will look a little different)
  • Your access to mobile banking through your mobile device and Rabobank, N.A. apps
  • Our deposit and loan products, and treasury management services
  • Our fees and charges
  • Our account agreement(s)
  • Our Wealth Management services

1.Important Notice about FDIC Insurance: As of September 1, 2019 Rabobank, N.A. and Mechanics Bank are considered insured by the same depository institution (Mechanics Bank). Basic FDIC insurance coverage for deposit accounts (checking, savings, money market, and certificates of deposit [CDs]) is $250,000. If you have deposits at both banks at this time, your deposits will remain insured separately for at least six months from this date and possibly longer for CDs. This grace period gives you the opportunity to restructure your accounts, if necessary. You may also qualify for more than $250,000 in FDIC insurance coverage if you own deposit accounts in different ownership categories. Your local branch staff will be able to discuss account options and additional solutions with you to help maximize your FDIC insurance. If you have questions about FDIC insurance or would like to calculate coverage for your individual situation, please visit www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits.

What’s NEW for Rabobank Customers 

  • For now, you’ll be able to make basic deposit, withdrawal and other limited in-person banking transactions at any of our additional 44 Mechanics Bank locations. After system integrations in 2020, you’ll enjoy full service at all 144 locations.
  • You can make withdrawals from any Mechanics Bank operated ATM without a fee. For locations, visit the Mechanics Bank website locations page.

What’s NEXT for Rabobank Customers

In 2020, we expect to begin integrating our two banking systems, which could result in changes to your account(s) and our current products and services. We’re confident that any changes will provide access to even more banking and financial solutions to help you achieve your goals, as well as enhance your online and mobile banking experience. As our plans for system integration become clear in the coming months we will be updating you with key dates and additional information.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the merger impact me, as a customer?

A: You’ll notice minimal changes, especially at first. We will continue to operate in very familiar ways until our systems are integrated in 2020.

  • Rabobank customers can continue to access online banking through RabobankAmerica.com, visit their local branches, use their existing checks and debit/ATM/credit cards, etc.
  • Existing Mechanics Bank customers can expect no changes at this time.

Q: What, specifically, will I see change on Sept. 1?

A: Most changes will be visual, and will only occur in Rabobank branches and online. The Rabobank name will begin to be phased out and replaced by a joint Rabobank-Mechanics Bank logo, or just the Mechanics Bank name/logo.

  • Rabobank Website: Joint Rabobank/Mechanics Bank logo with Mechanics bank color scheme
  • Rabobank Online Banking Platforms: Joint Rabobank/Mechanics Bank logo
  • Rabobank Mobile Banking: App icons will add a Mechanics Bank ribbon across the bottom; login screens will feature joint Rabobank/Mechanics Bank logo
  • Rabobank Bank Statements: Joint Rabobank/Mechanics Bank logo on all statements beginning in September
  • Branch/Building Signage:  Signage will begin to change over to the Mechanics Bank logo in September and carry on throughout this fall

Q: Should I expect someone to call or email me to verify my account information?

A: No, no one from Rabobank or Mechanics Bank will ever call or email to ask for your personal, confidential information. In fact, it’s not uncommon during mergers and transitions for fraudsters and thieves to increase their efforts to confuse customers into giving out your personal information or account information by phone, email or even text messaging. As we stated before, we will not email, text or call you and ask you to give us your information. However, If you call us, we may ask you for information to verify your identity. And as always, you can be your best defense by checking your account activity regularly and contact us right away when you see something suspicious. And if you ever receive any communication from Rabobank or Mechanics Bank that has you concerned, please call us before clicking or taking action.

Q: Will my account number(s) change?

A: No, all account numbers are staying the same.

Q: Will my routing numbers change?

A: No. Customers of each respective bank should continue to use the routing number they use today. If you are a legacy Rabobank customer, you’ll find your routing number at the bottom of RabobankAmerica.com. Mechanics Bank customers will find the routing number at the top of MechanicsBank.com.

Q: Will my Rabobank deposits still be insured by the FDIC?

A: Yes, the FDIC will continue to provide deposit insurance of up to $250,000 for each of your current Rabobank account ownership categories.

Q: What happens to my FDIC insurance coverage if I have deposit accounts at both Rabobank and Mechanics Bank?

A: When two or more insured banks merge, deposits from the assumed bank are separately insured from deposits at the assuming bank for at least six months after the merger. This grace period gives you the opportunity to restructure your accounts, if needed. We suggest you talk to a banker as soon as possible to develop the best approach to ensure maximum FDIC coverage moving forward. Former Rabobank customers should call 800.942.6222 with questions about FDIC insurance, or to explore options. Mechanics Bank customers should call 800.797.6324.

Q: Will any Rabobank or Mechanics Bank branches close as a result of the merger?

A: At this time, there are no plans to close branches across the state. If that were to change, we would notify affected customers well in advance.

Q: Will there be changes to branch or call center hours?

A: No, hours of operations will remain the same for now. But you now can make limited banking transactions at any of our combined 144 branch locations across the state.

Q: Can I call the same phone number to reach my local branch?

A: Yes, there are no changes to your local branch’s phone number, which can be found on each Bank’s respective websites.

Q: Is there a place where I can see all Rabobank and Mechanics Bank locations in one place?

A: A list is available on both bank websites. In 2020, a new Mechanics Bank website will be launched that lists all 144 branch locations. Until then, please visit Rabobank’s and Mechanic Bank’s websites to see their respective branch lists.

Q: What’s happening with the websites?

A: As of September 1, 2019, we’re one bank, but we’ll continue operating two bank websites until 2020. Here’s some important information:

  1. Rabobank Customers:  The Rabobank website (RabobankAmerica.com) will get a design makeover on September 1, 2019 (new logo, colors), and it will continue to serve as the access point for legacy Rabobank customers for online banking needs, product and service information, as well as location and contact information for the legacy Rabobank branch network. Unfortunately, you WILL NOT be able to access your accounts online if you try logging in at MechanicsBank.com.
  2. Existing Mechanics Bank customers:  There are NO CHANGES to how you access your accounts at MechanicsBank.com. Unfortunately, you WILL NOT be able to access your Mechanics Bank accounts online at RabobankAmerica.com.

Q: Will the same bank staff be working at the branch?

A: Yes, you can expect to see the same friendly staff in your branch.

Q: How will the merger impact Online Banking and Bill Pay services?

A: There are no changes to online banking or bill pay at this time. You should continue to access your services the same way you do today (RabobankAmerica.com for former Rabobank customers; MechanicsBank.com for existing Mechanics Bank customers). Rabobank customers will notice a slight design change to their online banking platforms, including the addition of the Mechanics Bank logo and some colors changes.

We will be integrating our systems in the coming months and will provide advanced communication with an overview of any changes and/or detailed instructions as we approach our transition dates.

Q: What’s happening with the mobile banking apps?

A: There are no changes to any mobile banking services at this time. You should continue to access your accounts through the same apps as you do today. Rabobank customers will notice a slight design change to their mobile banking app icons, as well as their login screens, including the addition of the Mechanics Bank logo and some colors changes.

The existing Rabobank app icons will also be updated in the App Store. New users need to be sure to download the appropriate app for their account. 

We will be integrating our systems in the coming months and will provide advanced communication with an overview of any changes and/or detailed instructions as we approach our transition dates.

Q: Will I get a new ATM, debit and/or credit card?

A: Yes, but not for several months. Please continue to use your current card as you do today – you’ll be informed before we issue a new Mechanics Bank-branded ATM, debit or credit card to you.

Q: Will there be any changes to products and services?

A: No, products and services will remain the same. Any future changes will be communicated to you in advance. But remember, if you are a former Rabobank customer, you can only access your products and services from the RaobankAmerica.com website until next year when our systems are integrated.

Q: Will there be changes to banking fees?

A: No, banking fees will remain the same. Any future changes will be communicated to you in advance.

Q: Who do I call now if I have a question or need help?

A: Current/former Rabobank customers should continue to use the Rabobank call center at 800.942.6222. Current Mechanics Bank customers should continue to call 800.797.6324 for general questions and assistance.