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Card Controls & Alerts

What is Card Controls?

Card Controls is a feature designed for Online and Mobile Banking that gives you full control over where, when, and how your debit card is used. Through your Mobile Banking app or Online Banking account, you can turn your debit card on or off and restrict the usage of your card to certain types of merchants. You also have the ability to implement and alter spending limits and restrict international use of your card. This is also the portion of our Online Banking portal that allows you to set up alerts as to when and where your card has been used.

Who can use Card Controls?

Consumers enrolled in Mechanics Bank online banking and/or mobile banking who have a Mechanics Bank debit card.

How do I start using Card Controls?

  1. To begin using Card Controls, go to My Resources and follow the directions through the process. If you're using our Mobile Banking app, open the app, and click More.
  2. Choose Card Controls and Alerts, then review and accept the terms and conditions when they appear. Your debit card will be listed here.
  3. The initial screen that discussed Card Controls and Alerts will give you the option to turn your card on or off. Your card will be identified by the last four digits.
  4. Set up your desired alerts, set your spending limit, and turn your card on and off.

    Card Controls Card List


    Card Controls Mobile Card List

Why don't I see my card when I click on Card Controls and Alerts in online banking or on my app?

There are two possible reasons for why you don't see your card when you click on the Card Controls and Alerts.

  1. The card was opened less than one business day ago. It takes one business day for a new card to appear in the Online Banking system or in the app.
  2. The information you provided in the Online Banking system or in the app does not match the information on the card. If you share an Online and/or Mobile Banking account with a partner and you log in with their information, that information will not match the information provided for your configuration. You can create your own Online and/or Mobile Banking configuration so that you can see your card.

I can't find my debit card! How do I turn it off until I locate it?

We take your account security very seriously and have created ways for you to quickly secure your account in the event you lose your debit card. If you use the Online Banking portal, you can log in, go to "My Resources" click on 'Card Controls and Alerts" and toggle your card to "Off." If you prefer using the app, you can also get in that way. Click on "More" then choose "Card Controls and Alerts" and turn your card to "Off" on that screen.

It's important to know that turning off your card is not the same as reporting that your card has been lost or stolen, so when you find your card, you can just go back and turn your card "On" again. You'll be able to start using your card right away.


Card Controls Off

Card Controls Mobile Off

If I have a joint account and we each have a debit card, do my controls affect their debit card? Can I turn their card on/off?

We realize that many people are on accounts with others, and that fact is something we've planned for with your Card Controls. Card Controls are based on the card number that is associated with each individual cardholder. That means the only card that you have any impact on through our Card Control system is your own.

For instance, if John and Jane have a joint account, but both are set up for Card Control, John can only make changes to his own card from his login.

If I only have one card issued to me and I want to remove it, can I add it back in later?

Once you have an active card on display associated with your account, it can never be removed. However, you can disable any alerts, location restrictions, vendor restrictions, or transaction restrictions that you had associated with the card when you set up your account.

If you are not planning on using the card that is associated with the account in question any more, you can disable the alerts and keep the card in a secure place.

If I have multiple cards, can I choose which ones I'd like enabled?

All consumer debit cards for an individual user will be displayed. You can enable alerts and other controls for each card individually.

What controls can I place on my debit card?

By default, your debit card is set up to be used on any transaction, for any amount, at any merchant at any location and all Alerts are enabled. As the cardholder, you have the control over what sort of transactions and how much money is allowed to be spent within a given day.

You can set controls that restrict in-person, online, ATM or phone transactions. You can also enable or disable certain types of merchants from being able to process your card. You can turn off any use of your debit card internationally or domestically, and you can make sure that it can only be used for a certain amount.

Card Controls Set Declines and Alerts


Card Controls Mobile Set Declines and Alerts

With Card Controls you can control your debit card use by:

Transaction Type

You can determine the types of transactions you want to block/allow and if you want to receive alerts for them. Transaction types include:

  • In-store
  • Online
  • Phone/mail order
  • ATM

Merchant Type

You can determine the types of transactions you want to block/allow and if you want to receive alerts for them. Transaction types include:

  • Department stores
  • Entertainment
  • Gas Station
  • Groceries
  • Household
  • Personal care
  • Restaurants
  • Travel

Location Type

You can determine whether to block/allow transactions originated outside the United States and if you want to receive alerts for them. By default, foreign transaction types are allowed and alerts enabled. To block foreign transactions, select the location type and tap the toggle to decline transaction. You can also turn off alerts for foreign transactions by selecting the location type and tap the toggle to turn off alerts.

Spend Limits

You can determine whether to decline transactions over a specific dollar amount and if you want to receive alerts for transactions over a specific dollar amount. By default, these settings are disabled. To decline transactions over a specific dollar amount, select Spend Limits and tap the toggle off to turn on decline. Then enter the dollar amount over which you want transactions to be declined. To only receive alerts for transactions exceeding a specific dollar amount, tap the Alert me toggle and enter the specific dollar amount. Be sure to click the Save button.

Card Controls Set Spending Limits


Card Controls Mobile Set Spending Limits

I've set up my Alerts but how will the alerts be delivered?

The default setting on your Card Alerts will cause you to receive alerts on every device that you have authorized within Online Banking or Mobile Banking. You can go in to "Alert Delivery Options" in the Online Banking portal or in the Mobile Banking app and turn each type of notification on or off.

The possible methods of being notified of important activity are push notifications on your phone or mobile device, SMS/text messages or by e-mail.  

Card Controls Set Alert Delivery Options


Card Controls Set Alert Delivery Options Toggles


Card Controls Mobile Set Alert Delivery Options


Card Controls Mobile Set Alert Delivery Options Toggles

I only want to get Alerts for my blocked transactions. Can I do that?

By default, all transaction alerts are set to "On" when you initially set up your Online Banking or Mobile Banking account. However, you have total control over what alerts you receive going forward, and you are able to only be notified about blocked transactions.

In an effort to constantly protect your account security, we will always notify you if a transaction is blocked or one is attempted, but you can set your alert preferences to only notify you of blocked transactions.

Card Controls Set Declines and Alerts


Card Controls Mobile Set Declines and Alerts

I tried to use my debit card and it was denied. Can you tell me why?

You may have Card Controls enabled on your card. Please check your Card Control preferences or call us at 800.797.6324.

Bill Pay FAQs

Secure, Fast, Easy and Free!

Save yourself the hassle of writing checks, buying stamps and hitting the mail on the right day. To access Bill Pay, you must first be signed up for Online Banking.

Who can I pay using Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone within the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. Even if you don't receive bills from the company or person you want to pay, you can still add their information to make payments. You can pay large companies and small companies, as well as individuals such as child care providers or family members. When you submit a bill payment, the system sends the payment electronically whenever possible. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, Bill Pay prints a check and sends it to the address you provide when you added your bill.

Which bills can't I pay with Bill Pay?

You cannot use Bill Pay to pay any company or person with an address outside the United States or its territories.

Are my payments guaranteed?

You can be assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. When your payments are processed you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays.

Why is my account no longer available within Bill Pay?

If your checking account recently changed to another account that is not supported by Bill Pay service (i.e., savings, money market) then the account is no longer available to select as a funding account.

MX Money®

Take control of your finances today!

Now you can have an engaging money management experience securely within online banking. Not only will you be able to see all your financial accounts, balances, and transactions in one place – you will be able to visualize and interact with that data in new and meaningful ways. Get started today!

  • See all of your financial accounts in one secure place for improved insight into your full financial life
  • Automatic or manually categorize transactions
  • Track and analyze spending
  • Set goals
  • Create and manage budgets
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Manage debt
  • Create alerts
  • Watch your net worth change with your progress

See the MX Money User Guide for more information.

MyTurboTax® FAQs & Facts

Your taxes done right!

Is filing my tax return online secure?

Complete your tax forms within a safe and encrypted environment accessed only through our secure Online Banking.

  • Get your profile information transferred from Online Banking directly into My TurboTax (data will migrate to My TurboTax, eliminating some data entry, resulting in an easier, more accurate and secure tax filing experience).
  • When it’s time to file your tax return to the IRS, MyTurboTax helps you send your taxes electronically through the IRS e-File system. E-filing (electronic filing) is a paperless, secure alternative to filing a paper return. When you e-file with TurboTax, you enjoy the industry-standard encryption technology to safely and securely transmit your return.
  • My TurboTax even "keeps your place" – when you resume tax preparation, you'll come back to the same area of your return where you left off (Remember, you must come back through Mechanics Bank to log back in to My TurboTax).

How do I access my TurboTax?

  • Login to Online Banking and select My TurboTax.
  • Choose which version of TurboTax product you would like to use based on your tax filing needs: Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business.
  • Pro tip: Have you used TurboTax Online in the past? You can use your access information to link TurboTax Online to My TurboTax through Mechanics Bank to pull your previous years tax information.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to start the tax filing information collection process and start your tax return through My TurboTax.
  • Important: Make sure your browser allows pop-up windows before you continue this process (you'll need to allow pop-ups from our website).
  • Follow the on-screen prompts for personal and tax information toward completing and filing your return.
  • If you don't have time to complete your taxes now, you can save your return in process and come back later by logging into Online Banking.

Getting help accessing and using My TurboTax

  • Please review the online Tools and TurboTax Help Center accessed through My TurboTax.
  • If you need additional help using My TurboTax, or would like to contact TurboTax directly, you can access Intuit's Ask Live community, online chat, or phone numbers here
  • If you have questions about your taxes, you should consult your tax or financial advisor for specific questions regarding your own tax situation. Mechanics Bank cannot provide individual tax advice.

Filing your taxes

  • Once you are satisfied with your return, you choose how and when to file your taxes. Charges to file your taxes will apply as indicated.
  • If you are receiving a tax refund through My TurboTax, take advantage of the convenient direct deposit option into your Mechanics Bank account.

Mechanics Bank does not charge for this service. TurboTax prices are subject to change without notice. Visit or click on the My TurboTax button from within your Online Banking session for complete offer details, pricing and available products.

Intuit and TurboTax are registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc. The MyTurboTax link may only be available during tax season.

Popmoney® (Pay Other People)

How Popmoney works

The money you send and receive using Popmoney ultimately transfers from bank account to bank account. You only need to know someone's email address or mobile phone number to send money. The recipient will be notified via the method you choose (email or text message), and can decide where they want the money deposited. If you know the recipient's bank account information, you can direct money straight into an account as well. Your transaction may be completed in as few as three (3) business days, and you will be notified when the transaction is complete.

Many ways to use Popmoney

Popmoney offers an alternative to using cash and checks, and can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Paying back a friend for lunch or other one-time expenses
  • Paying rent and other monthly expenses
  • Paying household service providers (plumbers, gardeners)
  • Making charitable donations
  • Sending money as a gift
  • Sending money to other family members
  • Contributing money to a group gift or dinner
  • Save yourself a trip to the bank with this convenient service

Popmoney FAQs and facts

Sending money

To send money, login to Online Banking and go to Move Money and then Send Money By Email Or Text. Send money to anyone in the US with a bank account by using his or her email address or bank account information. Your transaction may be completed in as few as three (3) business days, and you will be notified when the transaction is complete.

  • Popmoney will incur a transfer fee depending on the speed of delivery you select
  • 3-Day Transfer – No charge for the first five (5) transfers each calendar month; $2.00 per transfer thereafter
  • Next Day Transfer – $4.00 per transfer
  • Pricing is subject to change. Please be aware that in addition to the fees associated with each Popmoney transaction, you may be charged per text message by your wireless provider. Check your wireless plan before you begin using the service.
Receiving money

The recipient will receive an email or text message that someone is sending them money. If the recipient is already a user of Popmoney, they will be directed to login to Popmoney at their financial institution to receive the funds. If they are not a current user of Popmoney, they will need to register at to direct the funds transfer to one of their bank accounts.

Additional FAQs are located within Popmoney inside Online Banking.

Quicken® & QuickBooks®

When you purchase a Quicken or QuickBooks product, the ability to use online services (like downloading your transactions and balances, online Bill Pay, and live support) are available for the current software version and the two (2) prior years’ versions.

Quicken or QuickBooks users have two options to retrieve Mechanics Bank account data:

1. Export transactions from your Online Banking session in the file formats below, and import into your Quicken or Quickbooks program:

  • Excel (.csv)
  • OFX
  • Quicken (.qfx)
  • QuickBooks (.qbo)

2. Connect to your Mechanics Bank account(s) from within your Quicken or QuickBooks program using Quicken’s Direct Connect

  • Express Web Connect (also known as Quicken Connect for Mac users)
  • Direct Connect
  • Web Connect
  • Learn more about these connection options at Quicken Support

WebConnect or DirectConnect users within Quicken or QuickBooks should look for the connection name Mechanics Bank CA.


They’re just like paper statements, only better!

  • Anytime access – Up to two years of your account statements, checks and deposit images
  • Get organized – View, print or save copies whenever you need to from your secure online banking session
  • Quick delivery – We’ll send you an email notice when your statements are ready and available to view online
  • Be safe – Reduce risk of mail fraud and ID theft
  • Save a tree or two – A simple way to help save paper and make a positive environmental impact
Get started with eStatements
  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click on the “eStatements” link in the navigation bar
  • Read through the Electronic Communications consent disclosure
  • Open the Sample PDF, enter the confirmation code and click “I agree”
  • Confirm eStatement for each account and click “Next”
  • Click “Enroll” and we’ll send you a confirmation email

We’ll notify you each month via email when your statement is ready.

In order to receive eStatements, you must first agree to the terms and conditions as stated within the eStatement disclosure in Online Banking. You must have Adobe Acrobat to view the eStatements.