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How to Login the First Time - Personal Online Banking

  1. Go to
  2. In the box labeled Login to Online Banking, choose Personal
        Online Banking.
  3. Enter your existing User ID.
  4. Use the last six digits of your social security number as your 
  5. When prompted, accept e-Sign and Online Banking terms and
  6. Next you’ll be prompted to set a new password.Remember this
        new password and use it to log in next time.
  7. After submitting the one-time pass code you’ll be taken to an
        overview of your accounts.

What to Do After Logging In for the First Time

  1. On your mobile device, uninstall the Rabobank Mobile Banking
        app, then download and install the Mechanics Bank Mobile
        Banking app.
  2. In Online Banking, protect your accounts by setting up alerts.
  3. Check out Bill Pay in Online Banking. All of your previously set up
        payees and scheduled payments should be automatically loaded
        in the new Online Banking system.
  4. Set up eBills in the new Online Banking system. You will need to
        set up eBills in the new system to establish a connection from the
        new Online Banking system to your payees that offer eBills.
  5. Enroll in PopMoney through Online Banking. This is a convenient
        way to send money to other people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to common questions about the transition to the new Online Banking system. 


ACH Payments

Q:   Will my ACH payment from another bank still work (i.e., bill pay originated at Wells Fargo)?

A:   No, if your bill pay is setup at another institution through their online banking, you will need to update your ACH information with
      your new loan account number and Mechanics Bank Routing number (121102036).

If you completed a form at Mechanics Bank [ADM-250- authorizing Mechanics bank to pull the funds from another institution,] for automatic transfer, the payment will still pull from the account you designated.​​

Bill Pay

Q:   Did my Bill Pay categories get transferred to the new system?

A:   Bill Pay Categories were not transferred and are not available in the new platform.

Q:   Where is my Bill Pay history?

A:   Bill Pay transaction history prior to May 29, 2020 has converted over in POLB Online Banking. Additional history will begin to accumulate in POLB Online Banking on June 1, 2020.   Customer care can assist in research the information and providing you with any information you may need.

Q:   How much bill payment history will be retained? Will the amount of the history I can view change with the new system?

A:   Your bill payment history will not display until June 1, 2020.  After that time, you will be able to view up to 18 months of bill payment history.

Q:   Will my future-dated payments go out?

A:   Future-dated, recurring or scheduled payments for Bill Pay dated after May 29, 2020 will not take place. All future-dated, recurring or scheduled payments must be re-established in Personal Online Banking on June 1, 2020.  

Online Banking

Q:   Why didn't my online banking alerts transfer over?

A:   All online banking alerts will need to be reset up in the new online banking system. Customer Care can assist you in setting up the alerts. 

ATM/Debit Card

Q:   In the new system, what is the cut-off time for ATM deposits?

A:   Deposits made before 6:30 PM PST will start processing that day. Deposits after 7:00 PM PST will start processing the next business day.

Q:   Why are debit card transactions being denied?

A:   In order to protect our clients from incurring debit card fraud, we have improved our debit card monitoring capabilities, which might require payment validation. We have the ability for you to receive real-time fraud notification to validate by text, or email if the transaction was actually created by you. Please call Customer Care at 800.942.6222 or visit any branch to add your email and/or mobile phone number to your online banking profile so you can receive real time fraud alerts and card use validation notification texts.

People Pay/PopMoney

Q:   Do I need to enroll in PopMoney?

A:   Yes. Hover over the Make a transfer menu item then click "Send Money by Email or Text” in the drop down menu.  Click the "Select" button in the "Pay Other People" box. Follow the registration instructions.​

Q:   Why can't I see my People Pay payments and payees?

A:   In our previous mailings to clients, as well as on our website, we shared this information would no longer be available and recommended our clients print the information.  You will need to re-establish your payees and payments in Pop Money.​​​ We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mobile, Text and Touchtone Banking

Q:   What mobile banking options are available on the new system?

A:   Mobile app – Deposit checks and access your Mechanics Bank accounts from your iPhone, or Android device.

Text banking – Access your Mechanics Bank accounts via text message from your mobile phone.

Q:   Why did my Touchtone banking PIN number change to last four digits of my social security number?

A:   We apologize for the inconvenience, but for security purposes clients are will need to set up a new four-digit PIN.  You will be asked to enter the last four digits of your social security number for authentication purpose, then reestablish your original pin or select a new 4 digit PIN.  You will need to reset your new PIN within 30 days.​


Q:   Will my loan account number change?

A:   Yes, your loan number is changing slightly, and a letter was mailed to you with the new loan number. We can help you by looking it up.

The new loan number is a combination of your old loan number, and the note number (in most cases, a 1). All leading zeros have been dropped. For example, if your old loan number was 00000123456-0001, your new loan number will be 1234561.

Q:   Will my interest rate or loan terms change?

A:   No, all rates and terms of your loan remain the same.​​​

Q:   Will I continue to receive E-Loan Statements?

A:   Yes, consumer loans will continue to receive their e-statement but you will also receive a paper statement. In the future, we hope to be able to eliminate the paper


About Your New Online Banking

The new online and mobile banking platforms are easier than ever to navigate and find what you need. Your account balances update in real time, including debit card transactions. Manage your budget and see all your accounts in one place with budgeting and personal finance management tools. The Mobile Banking app includes Face ID and Fingerprint login for iPhone and Fingerprint login for Android. You can also connect your accounts directly to Quicken or Quickbooks and link external accounts and transfer money between your Mechanics Bank accounts and other financial institutions.

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