2019 Client Event Presentation by Dr. Thornberg (Feb. 28th)

2019 Client Event Presentation

Friday, March 8, 2019
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Christopher Thornberg  founded  Beacon  Economics  LLC  in  2006.  Under  his  leadership the  firm  has  become  one  of  the  most respected research organizations in California serving public and private  sector  clients  across  the  United  States.  In  2015,  Dr.  Thornberg  also  became Director  of  the  UC  Riverside  School  of Business Center for Economic Forecasting and Development and an Adjunct Professor at the School.   An  expert  in  economic  and  revenue  forecasting,  regional  economics,  economic  policy,  and  labor  and  real  estate  markets, Dr. Thornberg has consulted for private industry, cities, counties, and  public  agencies.  He  became  nationally  known  for  forecasting  the  subprime  mortgage  market crash that began in 2007, and was one of the few economists on record to predict the global economic recession that followed. In 2015, he was named to California State Treasurer John Chiang’s Council of Economic Advisors, the body that advises the Treasurer on emerging strengths and vulnerabilities within the state’s economy. Dr. Thornberg holds a Ph.D in Business Economics  from  The  Anderson  School  at  UCLA,  and  a  B.S. degree  in  Business  Administration  from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  


Beacon Economics LLC is one of California’s leading economic research and consulting firms,
specializing in economic and revenue forecasting, economic impact analysis, economic policy analysis, regional economic analysis, real estate market and industry analysis, and EB-5 Visa analysis. The firm's internationally recognized forecasters were among the first and most accurate predictors of the U.S. mortgage market meltdown that began in 2007 – and among a relatively small handful of researchers who correctly calculated the depth and breadth of the financial and economic crisis that followed. In 2015, the firm partnered with the University of California, Riverside and now runs the Center for Economic Forecasting and Development at the School of Business. Known for delivering independent and rigorous analysis, Beacon Economics provides economic trend and data analysis that strengthens strategic decisionmaking about investment, revenue, and policy. Clients range from the State of California to Fortune 500 companies to major cities and universities. 
Learn more at www.BeaconEcon.com.

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